Advertize with US

Advertize with US

Important Information You Must Know:

1. Statistics About Site. The visiters of This site in Previous Month is 32,000 and its increaseing day by day
2. Information About our Audience. The Audiance of is mostly from united states, united kingdom, india, france, pakistan.
3. Description Of The Advertising Options. we have Banner ads of all sizes-Popunder ads- footer ads and Slider ads etc on our site

The Price?

we have monthly and yearly plan for each sponser. because we work with single sponser at a time.
monthly 100$ and yearly 1000$ in yearly plan you will save 200$ one Ad Will will work for our sponser For a Year. only display ads of sponser.
For single ad of any size is 2$ per day

Other Elements:

1. A list of current and past sponsors. Current Sponser : Propellerads
Previous Sponsers: , Adcash , Revanue hits, Pop ads, yllix media. 
To Advertise with us

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Whatsapp us at 00923451214519